Form in Modal not clickable

I used the Webflow University pop-up form modal walk-through ( but on the published site (and preview site) when the modal form launches I can’t click into any of the input boxes in the form.

I played around with the animation ordering and the layout ordering to see if I could resolve but I still can’t interact with the form.

Here is my public share link:

Hello Bradley

I think you can remove the page load animations that set the modal to display none, and instead use “initial state” as display none on the animation itself. Also, there are some duplicate animations that might be interfering. Video below shows what I mean. Hope that helps!

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Thanks Paul!

That resolved the issues with editing the form.

The only new issue is that the new interaction doesn’t preserve the scroll state, it auto scrolls to the top of the page. Any insights there?

hmm is that happening on the published version of the site? It seems to be working fine on the dev link for me.