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Applying interaction to different form, won't work

Hello everyone.

Well, I’m really stuck! :sob: :weary:

Under “Conveyancing Quote” I have a modal which offers 4 types of quote, each one will show a different form.

I have created the form for “Sale & Purchase”. If you click sale and purchase, the original modal disappears, and the new modal pops up with the questions. All working perfectly and just needs the form finishing off.

Now I made the second form for “Sale only” I duplicated the interactions and of course I changed the affect other elements class name to the appropriate ones. I added all the interactions, yet when I click “Sale Only” it doesn’t work at all…

Could someone please give a fresh pair of eyes to see if there is something I’m missing? I know it’s going to be something so simples too…

Thank you :grimacing:

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@PixelGeek It turns out I think it’s a bug?
I literally went through everything and it was as it should be… I clicked different interaction for the button, tested it, it worked, then when I re-selected the correct interaction it worked fine.

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