Form fields in mail


I want to group the fields in the form mail. So I don’t want to use

{{ formData }}

to get everything that was entered but I want something like

{{ formData![fieldOne] }}
{{ formData![fieldTwo] }}
extra text
{{ formData![fieldThree] }}

to be able to put some extra text between the entered information.

Is this possible ?



Hi Bob,

Make a account, i tried this, its very easy. First time it will take half an hour.
Its the “Zap” called “Email by Zapier”.

Then you can send only 1 or more fields, just what you want…

You can also send the mail to the subscriber!
And when you or your client of the website uses Microsoft 365 or Gmail, they can send it from their own mail account automaticly! Then you use the “Gmail” or “365” Zap

Zapier is free for the first 5 “Zaps”.

TIP: Mark the message as a wishlist in case of “Need-Help”.
There are many other question/wishess in the wishlist for the forms!

Good Luck! Koen

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