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Dashboard Forms Email Template help

There seems to be no help or tutorials on the form tab in dashboard. Lots of help if you want to go to third parties etc.
So I thought I would have another go at it.
All I want to do is understand what I can put in the email template.

My name: {{ Name }},
Website to compare: {{ Website }} ,
Question or comment: {{ Question }}

Name, Website, Question are the names of the form variables.
When I send the email all I get is the text as shown, no variable content.
Thought it be nice to do a basic email page.

Can someone shed a bit of light on my problem and if someone has an example that also would be splendid.

All the help is on the Dashboard form tab. It’s the entire help, listing all the variables you can use for each field. I already have tested everything I could to fins more, there’s none.

Thanks for reply, so I can not reference a form variable?
It says I can introduce variables using the {{ formData }} syntax
Syntax to me is configurable.
So is it like {{ formData:variable}} or something?

Well I have had more plays and cant get it to do anything.
So looks like for now until Webflow does a simple update, no can do.
I have just joined Zapier and got it to work in there.
I may do a video on how one day.

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I’m like you, I wanted a better email output so I got to use Zappier. We should write a post in the whishlist though. As you seem to have a clear idea of what would be good, could you do it? If you do it I’ll vote for it and try to get others to vote for it. Anyone who’s dealing with forms wants a better output in emails.

It not like we are asking for much, Can I write a plain page with webflows own variables.
Dont like using another product unless I want to use its features.
What I am using zapier for isnt really using its features.

One bonus if you use your own email provider to send emails it removes the sent by webflow.

I have a few wishlists to add. I will update when I do, maybe the weekend.
Again thanks for help.