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How to get more granular than {{formdata}} in form response email template

Hi, I’d like more control over my form post emails. I can only see how to dump the entire form data in key: value format like this {{formdata}}.

Is there something that allows me more granular control? For example;

Hi {{}}, Thanks for your submission. I’ll call you at {{}} tomorrow.



Have you tried it?
Also keen to find out because it takes out a number of steps in the communication flow while giving immediacy.
Waiting on my upgrade so I can use whitelabel and append the subject field. Once that is sorted…
will try {{," "}} or other simular variations like that until it works!

@cyberdave Any updates on this? This will allow users to customize replies that get sent out! It would be SUPER and I mean SUPER helpful. Right now email is just thrown up exactly as submitted without spacing or any literal design!

We should also be send a confirmation email to the sender of the form as soon as they submit and we should be able to modify what they are sent in the Form Dashboard!

IMO, this is a feature that should be given utmost priority because it is one of the main reasons to have a website in the first place! Your feedback is appreciated!

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Both MailChimp and CampaignMonitor both have an autoresponder feature.

What you can do, AFAIK (as far as I know) is sign up for Zapier and create a “zap” from your Webflow to either your MailChimp or CampaignMonitor account.

Hope this helps you on the right path :slight_smile:

Please Please Please implement the dot notation on the form data object for use in emails…

This would be so helpful:

Name: {{ formData.First-Name }} {{ formData.Last-Name }}
Email: {{ formData.Email }}
Phone: {{ formData.Phone }}
{{ formData.Address }}
{{ formData.City }} {{ formData.State }} {{ formData.Zip }}

Any plans to implement this?