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Form elements and submission help

Is there a maximum number of form elements one can put into a form?

I have a very long form, which has been developed as an online survey but every time I attempt to submit the form, the error message appears.

I have two other basic forms on my site which seem to work fine.

Any ideas?
Sorry, I can’t put a read only link as the site has sensitive info.

What is the error message? Is the site hosted with Webflow?

For hosting issues, you should contact support directly

Thanks for the response @samliew
I meant the error message that appears when submitting the form is not successful. i.e. “Oops, something went wrong when submitting this form”.

So the form never gets sent and the responses are not recorded in the settings panel within the Webflow dashboard. Yes, the site is hosted with Webflow.

For sites with sensitive info, you should contact support directly


Solved! For anyone who was wondering, it was all to do with the reCaptcha. It seems that if you have a reCaptcha on one form on your site, you need to have it on all forms on your site for each form submission to be processed.