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Forms with input id= " example "

I am working on a project that needs specific form id’s, below is an example of the code.

Without having to export the website out, how would I add this custom ID inside of the webflow UI?


Country: `

What I need to make sure my form has: input id=“country”.

I saw where you could add custom input data, but when I do that it puts it as input-id instead if input id?

Thanks guys.


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Why you didn’t try to use ID option that every element has? (check the SETTINGS panel)

I did, here is what i did for for demo Country one. Will the below work?

You don’t need any custom attributes. Only id at the top.

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Ok great. Thank you as always Anna!

I will let you know if issues happen.

BTW, what is that custom code for?

It is just the html structure which using tables (tr - table row, td - standard table cell)

I mean this in webflow.

Or is that what you are referring too?

I know the table glory days with standard HTML :stuck_out_tongue:

:smiley: Sorry for misunderstanding

Most common usage of custom attributes is containing data-attributes for some jQuery plugins. Unfortunately, Webflow does not allow us to use there some standard attributes, something like “value” for radio buttons or click attributes for buttons because they are reserved for Webflow backend code.

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No worries thank you!

Another issue… I need to place this in the action: However it’s too long evidently and webflow won’t let me.

What should I do?

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