Form as a component put on several pages doesn't work

Hi everyone,

I have a problem with a form.
Before I put it as a component and put it on all the pages of my site, it worked perfectly. Now when I open the form on the published site, the fields disappear. Here is a screen recording so you can understand better.
Can you explain me why this happens? Is it impossible to duplicate the same form on different pages?

Thanks in advance

Here is my public share link

Very very strange! When I use an inspection tool on your form, all field miraculously appear. As soon as I turn off the inspector, the fields go away.

I’ve created something very similar. The only difference is that I did not include the trigger or the overlay parent as part of the component. Rather, my overlay is a normal div and my trigger is a normal button. This way, the trigger element and the interaction remain independent. Instead, the component (my form) is inside of the interaction element. I think this helps eliminate conflicts although I’m not sure if/how this would disrupt your form fields. Worth a try to release the component(s) and test, to ensure that’s the root of the problem.

Thank you for your answer @Port_of_Folio !
I’m a beginner on Webflow so I’m having a hard time understanding. At first I tried to unlink the component on page 2, but it did not change anything.