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Accordion with Forms

I’m trying to set up a contact form that will come up (accordion/move) when the user clicks on contact me on my mobile homepage beneath my Slide Nav.

I’ve watched the accordion tutorial by Webflow countless of times and have set up a successful accordion on my services page. Now, setting up this second one with forms is not working. I have looked over everything twice and can’t figure out what I’m missing.

Thank you for your help!

Note: It is for my mobile homepage, not my desktop.

Here is my public share link: LINK

I think you are trying to hide the contact form until the user hits the down arrow.

I which case, I think you’d need to put the Contact Me and Arrow outside of the Form.

Thank you for the reply!

In this picture, my Contact Me and Arrow (Trigger) are outside of the Form (Accordion Content). You can also see that the Contact Me Accordion Content is Set at 0…which the blue line in the middle of the screen shows.

From my screen it appears as if the Form completely ignored that it was in a Div block.

Sorry you are right…

Why are you using Size as the animation, not Hide/Show ?

I wanted the contact form to come up into the screen from the bottom. But thanks for the suggestion, now I can just use the Hide/Show with Move animation. Thanks!

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