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Interaction affecting the wrong div

I have 2 forms, each having 1 button that makes the form itself disappear and another appear. Problem is that the button is doing the 2 forms vanish.



Note: I tried to separate forms in separate divs, but keeps giving bug. When I put in a different container the error does not occur.

Hi, looks like in the second interaction for the link, form-esqueci, on the form-logar trigger, you have an extra display:none that you can remove, then the interaction seems to work, to switch between forms…if that is the affect you are looking for… remove the last display:none action in the screenshot for the form-logar trigger.

Try that to see if it helps your issue.


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works visually, but since the “form” is just with opacity = 0 the fields are still there, and clicking in the “empty” can interact with the submit button…

works, but thought it was cool report, because it should not happen, he is interacting with the “form-login” and ends up giving effect in another div.