Form API console error

Hi all,

I hadn’t realised (until a prospective client reached out!) that the form on my site has stopped worked (previously worked just fine).

It’s not to do with required fields and my error message doesn’t indicated anything further. I have reCAPTCHA keys in the site settings which haven’t changed too.

When trying to send a test submission to myself, I’ve noticed this error in the console.

Read only: Webflow - Alex Edwards - Portfolio


Turns out I needed to include the reCAPTCHA in the form, despite using V2 Invisible.

Does Webflow not support invisible recaptcha?

No it does not.

Jeff, Do you know of a workaround to using the V2 Invisible or reCAPTCHA v3 on Wistia?
Besides the:

I would prefer to have it hidden… Thanks kindly