Does Invisible reCaptcha work with webflow? How can i make it work?

Hello Webflow ninjas :smiley:

Im working on a project where client wants to have “Invisible reCAPTCHA” on all forms in their site. Itried to look it up on forums, youtube or even google. No answer that i could find. Closest thing to an answer was: I DOSENT WORK! from June of 2017, where reCAPTCHA wasnt even in webflow i think.

How can i do this? Where can i find any info about this? is it even supported? why not? :slight_smile:

Thank you for all the help in advance.
Fellow Webflow Ninja

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I don’t believe that it is possible (I’ve never heard of it either). If your client wants invisible reCAPTCHA I recommend not putting a reCAPTCHA on at all. The whole purpose of reCAPTCHA is to avoid spamming of the webform by ensuring that it comes from a person not a bot and having an invisible one that I assume would be manipulated into being ticked would defeat the purpose of it all together.

Sorry but I think your client might be pulling your leg.

Im sorry sir but seems like you are not familiar with Invisible reCAPTCHA at all. It exists, and works really well. Its is an automated process that happens in the background, check for validation. I have actually used if before, but i had help from an actuall dev, im just an designer with limited coding knowledge.

Nobody is pulling my leg btw. Unless google and hub spot are both full of shit, and i was druged as fuck to be imagining invisible recaptcha in other projects (wordpress)

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I would also like to know if anybody has had success using Google’s Invisible reCaptcha option. I tried selecting it as the option to use when setting up the reCaptcha key in Google for a Webflow site (shown below), but it didn’t work. The normal option did though of course.


So Webflow people, is this an option we can use? It would be very handy if it could be used.


Have you tried it (note: you will need an SSL site and webflow hosting)? It’s just javascript in the head and custom data parameters on the form submit button. It just replaces the submit button when the score for the user is low, with a ReCaptcha. Pass and you see the submit button.

Note: verification can’t happen without webflow engineering implementation. This is not the same as turning on ReCaptcha (which once on, is on for all forms on webflow) in the sites webflow settings.

I spun up a test page on a production site and it is behaving as I would expect. Not going to bother with a submit since this is happening on the client side, not server side.

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I am really interested in implementing the invisible recaptcha.
Is there anywhere i can find a guide?

So nothing from the Webflow team on this? Has anyone had any luck? I tried to use the invisible recaptcha but it kept blocking my forms - am I doing something wrong? :confused:

I am using a third party form processor since I needed enable Recaptcha (both regular and invisible) on single forms, not site wide. I am using and a pro account lets me use the product on all my client sites, using Basin’s Recaptcha key. You may wish to take a look at this one.

There are other providers you could investigate.



It took me well over 5 hours to figure out, but I finally did.

You can setup invisible reCAPTCHA with Webflow & Usebasin in under 5 minutes.

Here are my full instructions:

And here is my 5 minute tutorial video:



Not being mean to the Webflow community leaders / team but my experience of using Webflow for a month and looking up answers on the forums have been unpleasant.

It usually ends up being someone ‘random’ using the product that gives an actual solution such as David here.

Some of the answers just feel like ‘just do this’. Almost like telling someone who has never built a computer before to just ‘just mash the motherboard with all the other parts’.

I’ve spent hours in the end just working out the solutions myself…I hope some of the Webflow team can read this and guide people better in future topics (I understand this is your own time being spent but if you give an answer, you might as well provide more context).


Any update on this? Hard to believe it’s been 4 years and invisible CAPTCHA still isn’t supported…


Hey Jeff,
I am implementing Invisible Recaptcha for a form that is present on multiple pages(around 70-80) as a symbol using Basin. Do i add the code Basin provides on each page or I can add the code in custom code under project settings?

I would only want the code to load on pages with forms. So page settings would bye my target