For the love of God, Buddha, and all that people believe in, allow a ONE-CLICK enable/disable CMS!

I feel so frustrated – I invested all this time in a site to realize it was CMS only, not allowing me to access basic $5/mo subscriptions. After 5 days of emailing, I was finally told what to do – “Simply delete the collections!” Although the collections from your templates are not simple … they are all bound and webbed together… one cannot simply delete these!

I delete 5 elements, save, and “Oh no! You can’t delete because it’s bound to xx collection” and won’t allow me to save. Well, I go to x x collection, and “Oh no! You can’t delete, because it’s attached to this!” . I think maybe it’s easier if I delete the collection itself at top (recently discovered), clicked and “You can’t delete because it has data!”

Come on !!! I feel so frustrated.

EDIT: It’d also be convenient, if I chose the basic hosting fee, to auto-disable CMS features so I don’t have to manually go through 50 collection elements to delete them and figure out the maze (order) to delete them in.



I actually feel for you here. Been trough the same. Using CMS features for the convient of designing that way. But when you want to start over on the same site it’s cumbersome at least to delete every single item. Would love a delete all feature.


Here is my frustration in action:

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I totally agree. Stepped upon this issue just recently yesterday and it took a lot of time!

+1 this would save so much frustration and wasted time