The Webflow CMS Interface really needs improvements

So far I really like Webflow and the things you can do with CMS, but the CMS UI is really lackluster compared to everything else

  • ! It takes too long to save simple items, so you cant really add things quick.

  • You cant go quickly towards creating a next item without a large mouse movement

  • You somehow can’t copy a CMS item? No duplicate item, I have to redo it from scratch?

  • Deleting a single item is very inefficient

  • ! Image upload even for 50kb images is very slow.

  • ! - It’s very easy to Not save your changes and lose things because you forget to click one of two buttons to save, its disorienting, the popups are unclearly written to what you actually save, and its buggy as well it seems. Sometimes no popup appears.
    Spmetimes If you exit a Collection edit, it asks to save, but it still dosn’t

  • One time my collection corrupted and was breaking the CSS if used because I somehow wrongly deleted a field that was reference, so I had to delete it all to fix. It didnt even work with creation date nor name.

  • ! The cogwheel button changing on the fly to the arrow is just awful,
    Getting into your collections settings is extremely annoying and often you click back and forth until you get the window you want or fiddle with some hover state of some 32x32 pixel button, and I’m on a 32" screen, cant imagine the netbooks.
    Just Put the 2 icons side by side. Sometimes it feels like Im getting randomly the settings or the item view. This is annoying me the most aside of losing so many collection changes.

  • (There should be a fold-out option to sort things better in a bigger item)

Overall this is easily the worst from the entire webflow experience and if I give my other team members access to only the CMS backend then they will likely not be very fond of the webflow brand. Otherwise very fun to use the CMS contents with Webflow and build things, but not fun at all to create the content.

I have a lot of personal gripes about the Editor, but I’ve found the Designer’s Collection CMS to be quite stable and usable when non-WYSIWYG editing is suitable.

The Designer Collection CMS and the Editor’s Collection CMS are quite similar in functionality where Item creation/deletion/editing are concerned.

A few things that might help-

  • Duplicate item is a button at the bottom of the CMS item record.


  • Deleting can be single item, or multi-item. I usually find it more efficient to Delete, Draft, or Archive from the list view.

  • If you’re adding a LOT of items, usually a CSV upload, or an API integration is your best bet.