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For price for Hosting Markup?

What is a fair price to markup hosting for clients using Webflow? These two are the main plans I will use.

CMS Hosting $16
E-commerce Hoating $39

Any suggestions?

Can you explain a little bit more about the question please?

This is going to be a different answer on a per-client basis. For many, the answer will be $0.

Research alternatives for exactly what your client is getting out of the software. That will give you an idea of how much you can markup, if at all.

Are you paying then being reimbursed by client or using Webflow Client Billing?

Normal markups when covering an expense are acceptable to most businesses, in most cases.

Are you adding value added services? Like 24x7 or 8x7 support services or bundled editing or processing?

If you are you should charge for it. What you offer and charge is based on your unique offerings.

Your question is kind of like “How much should I charge for a hamburger.” Some places get 3$, some with better burgers and ingredients get $14. Also depends on your location and competition.

Business is business, web is no different.