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"For full functionality of this site it is necessary to enable JavaScript..." PROBLEM

Hello Razvan_Neagu1!! I saw that you had this problem a short time ago. Did you manage to find the solution?

Yes , the problem seems to be solved

I dindn t do anything , maybe google update the site , or they add it on the search console

i have the same problem currently. Was it fixed by itself or did you take any action?

Update : My website error ( solved now. Thanks to Peter for giving me his precious time. So all those who are reading this answer, to solve this problem you simply has to do some simple things which are:

  1. Give title and search description to your site.

  2. Enable custom robots.txt and add your sitemap.

  3. Start uploading your content.

  4. Enable https

  5. Enable visible to search engine.

  6. Upload your sitemap in google search console

  7. Make all pages like about us, contact us etc.

This error occurs because generally when you buy a new domain google takes some time to crawl it. You must start uploading content because google will not crawl your website unless you have uploaded 3-4 good quality blogs. Start uploading on regular basis don’t wait and after maximum 2-3 weeks , this problem will get solved automatically. I have shared screenshot of my error in my earlier replies, you can see that if you don’t believe and also now when you search my website this error has gone.( If you don’t know when you search your website with www on google this error will not come, google just need some time to identify that your website without www and with www are same)

I wasted my lot of time by searching its answer on many websites and got confused whether I have to do something or just wait. I don’t want anyone else to waste their time, so yeah start working on your website and start hustling for your dreams.( I have shared screenshots on google search console help)