For all that is Webflow, Please bring back Nelson and the weekly workshops

These workshops were one of the biggest reasons I love Webflow. Being able to see the active community in such a setting was invaluable. Hopefully the workshops are just on a brief hiatus.

But it’s up to us to bring them back. Let’s keep posting in the forums and on twitter so they can know how important these are to the community. #BringBackNelson!

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@LuciDian haha, I’m with you there :slight_smile:. I’m pretty sure Nelson mentioned somewhere on the forum that the livestreams will be back in some way or another. Have you had a look at his personal YouTube account? It’s ‘the pixelgeek’, I think. He recently did a livestream there.

@LuciDian, you are right on this. One day recently, I had to ask Nelson what happened to the every other Tuesday Streams. I was very disappointed in hearing that they are stopped indefinitely. So lets do our best to get them up and going again.

I enjoyed them as they were a way to connect with others in the community other than in here and Nelson did an excellent job in bringing to light new ideas, concepts, and direction in building out within Webflow. Only recently with the help of @rileyrichter was I able to understand the full impact and interconnections that Webflow has to offer through the use of his live stream on Zapier and Apps.

We need more of these videos/stream coming out of Webflow, things that are more real world specific and not tailored to just one thing.

#BringBackWebflowLiveStreams #BringBack#Nelson

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