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Footer of the Website

Hello Everyone,
I am a freelance designer, here is one problem that I am facing Whenever I try to build footer I am not able to understand How the footer of the website should be?
Can anyone tell me how can I improve my footer design?
What are the things that I should follow?

Several things;

  1. Please post the read only link to your project
  2. Ask a specific question - as a a suggestion find a footer you like (on some other website) and see if you can replicate it in WF and if you can’t ask a specific question as to the obstacle you are facing.

Asking broad and general questions such as “what should I do with the footer” is the same as asking “what is the meaning of life” :slight_smile:

So try to be a little more thoughtful and specific and you will be able to receive plenty of help here…

Hello Jayant

Footer Design of a website plays a significant role while you are working on a website design. Whenever a person visits a website footer is the most important thing a person see. Here are some footer design tips for you that you can consider and try to make the best out of it-

  1. Make the design simple-

It would help if you made your footer design simple and easy to understand for the users. Keep the spacing and the elements in a proper manner.

  1. Link all the Important Pages-

Link all the essential information and your pages and include all your essential data (Contact, Email Id, Physical Address). These details are essential for your customers/viewers who are visiting your website.

  1. Include Copyright and Disclaimer-

It is imperative to include copyright and disclaimer while designing a footer of a website. Keep it at the bottom of the screen, so that people can navigate it quickly and read all the critical information.

  1. CTA is a Must-

Call to Action button is a must, try to engage with the users add social media buttons or directly link it with your contact number, so that the visitor can quickly contact you.

These are the crucial tips. In my opinion, it shows how creative and unusual you are as a designer. Try to include the right information and elements in your footer.


Hey @jayant,

I will add to @Ashwarya’s contribution:

While in the main navigation the most important pages of your website should be linked, the footer is a supplement.
A footer should contain all links to relevant pages of your website. So you should also include the links from the main navigation in the footer, but also other links like privacy policy, imprint, cookie settings, FAQ and so on.

Here are some design inspirations:
Pinterest Search: Website Footer Design
Footers from Platforma Wireframe Kit
Footers from Section Wireframe Kit

Hope this helps.

Many greetings from Germany,

Dennis from Vibrand Design