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Using a Footer rather than a NavBar positioned at the bottom?

We are looking to create some site wide navigation that looks similar to this website, You’ll notice that the navigation is at the bottom.

It looks like I could have a NavBar element at the bottom of the page OR i could add a Footer to the page? Is there a good reason to choose one over the other?


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Hi @PatLong,

A clear site structure is important for SEO. Nav links give search engines the information about which pages are more relevant in your Website, so in this case, I’d suggest using the Navbar element and style it to achieve that look and place it at the bottom of the page.

Here’s a useful link if you’d like to learn more about HTML semantic tags.

Hope this helps!

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Thanks Nita. Totally get semantic markup. I think as a software developer of many many years I’m forgetting the basic stuff whilst trying to create something that looks great.

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