Footer not showing or cropping out

Hello everyone,

I need some help with the footer of that website I am creating, as when I tried to install smooth scrolling (props to Timothy Ricks!), the footer on some of the pages started getting cropped out on the published version of the website.

How it should look like:

How it looks like on some pages:

Further, I guess it is a bug, but sometimes when I move through pages on the published website the footer is gone completely!

Here is the published link:

Here is the read-only link:

hi @Kiril_Radovenski I had identical issues. Locomotive just doesn’t work correctly on Webflow.

@Stan So you haven’t found a workaround, have you?

believe me @Kiril_Radovenski I have tried but no luck. You can contact the Youtuber how he is dealing with that odd behaviour in WF. I’ve just decided avoid using Locomotive in WF as it is not working 100%

I found a semi-satisfactory solution to the problem at hand. I just added a transparent section at the bottom of the pages which didn’t scroll to the end with roughly the hight needed for the footer to be visible. I hope this helps @Stan

Good to know @Kiril_Radovenski that you have find hack to make this library work in WF. But like I said when it doesn’t work 100% as it should in first place I will avoid using this library in WF as it can be source of hard to find and debug unexpected problems or I just would not use WF :wink: