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Footer isn't fixed to the bottom of the page on Mobile and Tablet only


I can’t fix the footer to the bottom of the page in Mobile and Tablet view, but seems like works fine in Desktop. Any advice?


Here is my site Read-Only:

Hello @niccolomiranda

You’ve been building your site having into account only your screen. The heights of your sections are made for it but if you want your site to be viewable in different devices you need to not use fixed heights and start using percentages or taking into account auto heights as well.

Another thing I noticed is that sometimes you use 100% heights in bodys or absolute positioning where there’s no need for it.

I hope this make sense for you.

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Hi @niccolomiranda, on mobile the 190vh style on the section is causing the styling issue, I would set that to Auto on mobile landscape and below:

It is generally best to use an auto height for lower viewports.

I hope this helps.

Hello! This happens to me too in Tablet view, when minimizing the window, but my height settings seem OK: