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Footer behind content

Hello there!
I’m supposed to recreate an existing site in Webflow. On the original page, the footer is somewhat behind the content and only reveals itself, once you fully scroll to bottom. I was able to recreate this so it works in Chrome: placed a tiny section above the footer with a bottom margin as high as the footer.

But on the iPad that’s another story:

So I was wondering: Isn’t there a more elegant way to solve this? I tried to have a 0px wide div as a spacer on the left, but then the footer (index -1) isn’t clickable any more.

live URL:
read-only link:

There are 2 ways I used this that work with the iPad:

1st is to put a negative top marginon the footer element itself (+ dealing with structure and zindex as you do already)

2nd is to have the footer section fixed and to the bottom (have to double check this one)

Thank you @vincent
sorry for getting back so late. I tried around, but couldn’t get it working. Would you mind showing me quickly?

thank you! :slight_smile: