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I wanted to know how can I apply a fixed footer that shows after the previous section pass by, here it is an example of what I’m looking for: (look at the end of the page, last section)

Can anyone from @webflow or anyone give a hint on this? please!

Here is the basic idea.

On your page, make two sections. One called “footer” and the other “everything-else”.

Set the footer to 400px height, fixed, stuck to bottom, zindex 10.
Give the other div a dimension like 1500px height and a margin bottom of 400px and zindex 20.

Now the footer should be revealed like in your example.

Thank you! @vincent the solution worked like a charm just one thing it’s not margin but padding that has to be adjusted.

Although I was reviewing it in different browsers and I noticed that in Chrome the Footer Section overlaps the other section backgrounds, can you take a look at the project and let me know why?

Thank you in advance…

Not sure what this means. It seem to work great even in the WF designer on chrome… Can you explain me again, and show me with a screenshot?

Here’s how its shown in Chrome

I don’t witness this, I have everything running as expected (ok) in Chrome Mac.

Weird hehe, well I’ll keep working on the website and hope everything goes ok. Thank you very much! @vincent

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