Food calendar with cms – more than ten dynamic lists

hey guys!
i want to make a food calendar with the cms. there should be saisonal food listed for every month. so i have a collection called months and a collection called food. the food collection references to the month collection so i can tell what food gets displayed at what month.

now i want to make a tab viewer with a single tab for every of the twelve months. in every tab would be a dynamic collection with the food collection and filtered to the month. because of the limit of ten dynamic lists i can not achieve that. is there any workaround for what i want to realise? maybe someone has a great idea.

thank you so much!

To begin with I’m very interested in seeing your project :smile:

So because of the limitation, you have to design your site in a different way. I’m thinking of something, would it be possible for you to share you public link?

i have nothing right now… it’s just in my head… always think of content before designing! :blush: