How can I list items under dynamic categories?

I have created foodCategories and foodCourses. I know need to list the categories and the food under each category. I need to do it like this image. Doable?

OSTRON is a foodCategory and the three types is courses that needs to be listed under each category.

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This is what you’ll need:


  1. Create a collection for Food Category
  2. Create a collection for Food Courses
  3. Create a Reference field in there pointing to Food Category.
  4. Create a whole bunch of Food Categories and then a whole bunch of Food Course items and choose the appropriate Category.


  1. Create several columns and add headings to the columns. Name the categories.
  2. Add a dynamic list for each category and bind to Food Course.
  3. Filter by the appropriate collection in the dynamic list settings.

Hope that helps!

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I get the categories showing up correct but how do I display all data from food courses below the food categories? Thanks a lot for the future in web design.

I just created the whole site basically just to end up with an error message that states that I can’t have more than 10 Dynamic Lists on one page? I have 12 blocks of food courses and the way you described to me was to add hard coded headlines for “fish” “meat” and so on and then drop in Dynamic List and filter them to the category, right?

This is very important to solve for me, I have to have the site done by this weekend.

yup…this is a known issue and like you i really hope they change this. i resorted to mixing dynamic and manual content for my site here that needed more than 10 lists :confused: so some i have to update by hand and some update automatically with new entries. sucks but it is what it is for now.

Anyone at webflow can comment on this? It is a huge disadvantage creating larger sites.

@AndreasKviby @dapitts08 We had to make this limitation early on due multiple performance issues when lots of lists appear on the same page (both during the design phase, as well as when your final page gets served to clients on the published site), and we’re currently investigating how we could work around some of these performance bottlenecks.

As the number of lists on a page increases, our server costs increase along with due to the fact that every additional list brings more load to our database, hosting infrastructure, and caching layers over time.

We want to understand more about the types of sites that you’re building (or anticipate building) to help us make an informed decision here – how many lists (above 10) do you anticipate needing? Is it in the 10s or potentially even 100s?

thanks @callmevlad … for me i built a news/magazine style site and came across the limitation. you can see it here: right now it is a mix of dynamic and non-dynamic lists. i would prefer all of them to be dynamic lists. it also seems like a limitation for folks with restaurant sites with menus.

There is only one thing for you to do then. Make the lists available below 10 and “live-lists” and if we need over 10 lists they will be burned as static files on your server hosting infrastructure every nn minute where nn depends on my plan with you. The more I pay you the faster nn will be. The maximum nn will be 5 minute burns and lowest 24 hour burn.

If you look at restaurants they need 24 hour burns for everyday lunch menus but news and magazine sites need 5 minute cycles.

This has to be solved asap. All sites that I have planned to move to your platform is not movable until this is solved.

If you want to win the CMS war, make your sites burned into static HTML, the fastest sites all are.

Yes, this is definitely a limitation to the CMS. Some clients I’m designing sites for want an overview of product categories (dynamic lists) and show products in that category on the same page. A limitation of 10 lists is really a limitation of the kind of sites we want or need to create. I ran into this while designing these 2 example sites;

Example 1: Look-only shops
A shop with sports items with product overview pages, created like this;

Basketball items (category)
Showing 8 producrts in this category

Football items (category)
Showing 8 procuts in this category


Example 2:

A blog with many categories
Similar to the above, an overview page created like this;

Movies (category)
Showing 8 posts in this category

Art (category)
Showing 8 posts in this category


The above works fine for smaller sites, but some sites are really in need of more dynamic lists on one page. I can imagine this can be quite heavy on the editor. Maybe do something with the previews of each item? When it’s a dynamic list, we normally only style 1 item, so I can imagine show the one element in full detail that we design, and the others in a low quality or non-detailed way. Or limit the preview in the editor to 4 items. Something like that. It’s hard to think of solutions for the editor performance, as I have no clue at all what makes the performance go bad.

Good luck figuring this out :smile:

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So, in a menu you could use static text and make it editable instead?

Same problem here. I created a voucher site, having a homepage with several dynamic lists within the static page (shop logos, vouchers within sliders, tabs, a voucher list (new ones and so on), logo walls and categories. Within the footer also a short link list of “top shops” and “top categories” each also within a dynamic list.

I could not set everything in a list because of the 10 list limitation and also on a sub site “all shops” I needed to have all shops listed as links under a index letter.


1 Shop 1 Shop 1 Shop

Annnnn Aeeeeee Aeeekkkk Ammmmm

Bjejehh Bjejejej Bjejej … … …
(Because there are more than 10 letters within the alphabet I cant set dynamic lists to show every shop filtered for that specific letter.

Besides I still have more than 200 shops now within the dynamic collection, but when I have one dynamic list, that should show all shops - it wont because of the 1- 100 limitation.


If we just could list items connected to the above element one dynamic list in columns would do the trick.

First drag out the top level dynamic list and set it to categories, then drag the next dyanimc list into the first and connect them through categoryID.

Then printout fields from first as headings and below as content

I would really like to be able to use a dynamic list within a dynamic list. That would be a tremendously powerful upgrade. The workarounds so far aren’t super pretty.