Fonts is not working on noname browsers from chines android devices

Hello. Sorry for my english.

All the custom fonts is not working on chines default browser on android devices Huawei, Meizu, Zen etc. You can see it on screenshots.

Do you know how to fix it? Chinese devices are becoming more popular. Thanks!

Hi @Loran, thanks for taking the time to post. I am sorry to hear about the trouble with the fonts. Is the user who is trying to view the site actually in china?

Could you help to share a read-only link to the site:

And also, the published site link ?

If you can help to provide an exact android device model, i.e. Huawei model X etc.

As a note, the Chinese seems to block google scripts including google fonts, so if the user is in China, the font is probably getting blocked.

Users from Russia. That problem I saw with Meizu Pro 6 and Huawei P9.

Thanks @Loran, I see a number of fonts, which font is not loading? In your screenshot and the published site, it looks the same to me. If you can take a screenshot of the element in the designer that is having incorrect font, that will help.

Thanks in advance!

All fonts is not working. It look the same to me too, because I use iphone and chrome. But some of my friends has a chines android with unknown default browsers. You need to find someone with chinaphone to see the bug)

Hi @Loran, thanks, I am trying to find a chinese phone to test, but at least a taiwanese HTC M8 4.4 android seems to work:

Could you verify that the users have internet access working ok? It looks like a specific issue with the users connection or phone. While I am trying to find a Huawei P9 to test, could you get some screenshots of the phone display ? At least the default fonts should load, and if they are not, it might be some other issues with the phone or net connection.

Yes, fonts are loaded, I see. But icon fonts are not transforms into icons. Look at words “menu” and “comment”.

Net connection is good.

External resources may be blocked in China. How are you including them into your project?

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