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Font upgrade — any big, bold favorites?

I’ve been using Montserrat as my header and display fonts from Day 1, but would love to upgrade to something a bit more sophisticated, although still big and bold. I recently noticed all the Google and Adobe fonts available but was curious if anyone had any favorites that they would recommend among all the options. This is for a production company’s website, so if it would look good on a movie poster, it might look good on our site! Many thanks in advance.

Here is my site Read-Only: Webflow - Five All in the Fifth

hi @Alex_Garinger1 you as designer know that choosing typeface is hard to support story or message. anyway I was recently in similar situation looking for suitable fonts but for good price. I have end-up buying font bundle from Futur. Here is an example of only bold fonts I have filter out from this collection. So you can use it as inspiration. :wink:

Great suggestions, Stan! Thanks so much for your response and inspo!

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