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Font Size Not Responding

Hi Everyone! I’m trying to figure out as to why does font size and spacing not listen to my class set up, I set in webflow that it always stays size 18 and height 30
, but for some unknown reason once it passes 1280px it shrinks, completely ignoring the class
even though the class is the same in the ‘1280px and up’
any idea what might be causing it?

Thank you ahead!

Here is my site Read-Only:

@Daren_Perincic - you have a more specific style written for your 1280 breakpoint that is overriding the class style:


Drop in a paragraph, make sure you’re on the right breakpoint (1280 and up) and then select the All Paragraphs selector at the top:


You should see this:


The blue means there is a change that is not being inherited at this breakpoint, just Option + Click on the blue link and it will reset to inherit. From there you may need to reset your All Paragraphs styling on the base breakpoint.

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Thank you so much! Worked like a charm :smiley: