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Font size looks smaller when published

Hi, i dont know why but the text seems to be way smaller when published compared to the text size in the designer. Does anyone know what i can do to make it look right?

edit: for 1 second the text size looks right, but then flashes to smaller text and stays like that

Here is my site Read-Only:

Check if you working on a 100% browser view.


Because of screen resolutions, you could get a difference (16px on mobile VS 16px on desktop).

Anyway, you could always do a little tweaks related to “real phone” view.

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I’ve checked and it is 100% view. The weird thing is that the text is the right size when using the safari browser on my iphone, but when i use chrome the text is a lot smaller. Chrome used to show it just the way it should a while ago. Any idea what i can do?

Have you accidentally changed the base/default font size in the Chrome app on your phone perhaps?

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I haven’t! my friend also sees small text in the chrome browser on his phone

Looks like it’s showing at the same size for me on your read-only and link—are the differences only showing on the live website by chance?

You can also check the DevTools on any of your noticeably different elements to see if there’s a change between what you’ve set in the Designer and what you see on the live website:


Did you look at the website on a smartphone browser? desktop works fine for me also, google chrome for my iphone seems to be the problem

I don’t see any noticeable difference (if there is one, its minor and there’s no flash of “proper” sizing) in Chrome on my Android device.