Can't change font size in blog post template section

I think this might be a bug (or some setting is overriding the typography and I’m just not seeing it).

In my blog posts template, on the post titled “I ain’t fussillien around…” I can’t seem to change the font size in the “zine intro paragraph” class. I ran into this problem yesterday and it wouldnt let me change the font or the font size, but I could underline. Now, I can change the font but not the size ( made it the most offensive color and style to illustrate the point)

As you can see from the below screenshot, the font size is not 66px not is it a line height of 20px

REad only link:

Thanks so much for reaching out @GiantSquidCreative!

Since the Rich Text element is currently bound to a collection field, you are not able to style the text.

However, if you add in a new Rich Text element and give it the same class, then you can modify the styles. Here’s a helpful guide on styling Rich Text: Rich text element overview | Webflow University

Please let me know if this is helpful or if you have any additional questions.

I’m happy to help further! :man_bowing:

@Waldo thanks so much. Just so I understand the logic here. Is that a webflow thing or a CSS thing? Why can all the style elements change (underline, color, font) but not font size?

and now, the link in the list item has a dark BG… where is that being inherited from and how can that be changed?

Hi @GiantSquidCreative

Styling the rich text in the way Waldo described is unique to Webflow. It’s styled using nested selectors because our rich text element is made up of multiple smaller elements like paragraphs, headings, etc, which makes it tricky to style — especially when using dynamically bound content.

Regarding the background color – this is a known quirk that can happen when you copy/paste content from one application into the Webflow Designer or data manager (collections and items). To fix that, you can delete then retype the lines that have those styles.

Hope this helps!

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Thanks Brando! Got it

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