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Font diacritic display problems

Hi guys, i’m fairly new to Webflow and recently i decided to use it for my first project, unfortunantely its not the best first experience as i am having problems with displaying diacritics for an adobe font that i’ve integrated, the font has diacritics i checked before choosing it, and for some reason in webflow both in editor and when published the diacritics are not recognised, the font is different and they are for some reason bolder aswell.

I’ll attach a link to the published version, its the same thing in the editor aswell (you can see the problem at letters such as “Ț ț Ș ș”. LINK

Hi @GabrielB!

Would you be able to provide a screenshot of what it looks like on your end, and what those characters are supposed to look like? I see you are using the Adobe font “Realist.” I am not noticing any characters that are bolder or misplaced within the text of the site.

Hi John, first of all big fan of your youtube channel, really helped me gain confidence in Webflow. So the problem is that eventhough i chose a typeface that had diacritics (for characters like Ș ș Ț ț Ă ă), which i’ve tested before choosing, it seems that in webflow there are some problems with it. I’ve linked my adobe fonts to my webflow account and in Designer view the diacritics are all messed up, they are not recognised, which is not a big deal as long as once its published the diacritics are all good, but it seems that in some cases its ok in others not so much. I’ll attach 3 screenshots showing you what i mean more specifically. Hope you can help me out. Cheers

Hi @GabrielB! Glad you liked my videos :grinning: .

This does look like unexpected behavior and I’m looking into it now with our team. I am now able to see the diacritics text and characters being bolded and not in the expected font. Just to be sure I didn’t miss anything, we currently have some resident Designer experts taking another look.

If they also aren’t able to find the issue, we will escalate this to our engineers who will be able to triage and hopefully fix the bug here.

Thanks in advance for your patience and help here, and I’ll reach out with new information as soon as I have it.

Ok sure, will be waiting for a fix, just keep me up to date if anything changes. Thanks and have a great day

Hi John, any updates regarding the diacritics problem? Thanks in advance

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