Different font in browser when published


Please see all information below, the typography on my live published site looks very different from the font I’m using in Webflow

Here is my site Read-Only: *[LINK][1]*

Here’s what the typography on the designer and preview is:

Here’s what shows in google chrome on the live site:

Any idea on how to solve this?

You must be using Adobe font, there might be issue on its integration. Please check that once.

Hi Abirana, I’m using Adobe fonts indeed, I’ve reset the integration but that doesn’t seem fix things. What would usually be the issue with that integration?

First thing your issue is one larger viewport. Where you can see there is no font applied, this is strange because there should be one applied anyhow.

So, if you select a font in this viewport then it should work.

Got it! Thank you so much for figuring that out, still getting the hang of Webflow :sweat_smile:

Now one last thing which you could maybe help with, it seems fine for everything except for my bullet points (both ordered and unordered), even though all settings on all breakpoints are now set to the correct font

I’m not sure where you meant, you can share a screenshot?

Do you mean at the bottom? I saw in few places there is no font applied on any viewport. For that stay on Base Desktop Viewport and apply your font.

I actually found it! Thank you so much for all your help!

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