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Font awesome icon not working?

Hi there

i have several bits of advice of how to input font awesome icons into webflow however after following what they said its still not working?? has anyone any ideas

here is my site and any advice would be amazing

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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Hey @Hobbitrock83

Should be a pretty simple process, you can download the desktop font files from their website, but I’ve also provided it here:

Just upload this font file to your websites custom type section (yell out if you need help with that).

And then once it’s uploaded you can change your text field font too font awesome.

Just copy the icons from here:

And paste them into your project.

Hope that helps man,


Thanks for that. Unfortunately I have done this already and it isnt working. I’m sure Ive missed something somewhere but I’ve done it about 10 times and all I get is a little box?? Any ideas

Cheers again for the support though


I have also had this issue,

I believe it happens on the more recent icons - I would have assumed that the most recent file from their site should have them all working tho, so that’s strange.

Can you get most of those working from the cheat sheet tho? I’ve found it to be around 1/8 aren’t working / updated for my file.

I haven’t tried the others but I’ll give it a try tonight just to confirm its not my error. I only want a arrow pointing right. Cheers for the help though

I’ve been having similar problems; trying to get the ‘chevron-down’ icon but not successful. On trying a random selection to test that I could get something working, I only got 2 out of 10 icons to function properly.


i think i found another query about this but i cant find it. it told me to use font awesome 4 and the cheat sheet. that seemed to work. hope that helps