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Anyone any ideas how to get font awesome to work? tried all hints and tips on here but still nothing?

Hi all.

I have been trying to get font awesome to work on my project to work but everything i try its still not working. i have read everything on here and watched a couple of vids but nothing. im still just getting  this

any help please!!!

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Here’s what I do:
So download font awesome v4 (I recommend 4) to your computer. Unzip the folder then upload the specific font styles you want (use a .ttf file) in the project settings area “Fonts”. Now, go to your project in the designer, then on your typography settings select “font awesome” from your list of fonts. If you want to use font awesome to style svg icons (super useful) search “font awesome cheatsheat 4” find the icon you like, then copy the actual tiny icon and paste it into your project where you want it, once you do then select font awesome in the typography settings in the list of fonts. If you do this right you’ll be able to style that icon color and size wise just like you would text and it will always display pixel perfect, pretty cool!


This is really helpfull! Thank you very much!

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Cheers mate that’s great help

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Glad I could help :slight_smile:

Another solution I use that covers all/most font file types for web is

Has some Font Awesome characters and many others. And you can create your own icons and add them to your a single custom set.

Once downloaded, you’ll see a folder that provides your custom font set in .eot, .svg, .ttf, .woff along with css.

Upload all of the font file types to ensure proper viewing on all/most browsers.

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Wow that’s awesome, thanks for sharing!!

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