Following portfolio tutorial, failing horribly

I’m a graphic arts student who’s trying to make a website to show my portfolio, but I have one major problem - I despise coding in all forms. Even HTML which people tell is isn’t so bad is infuriating.

So I tried following along with Webflow’s tutorial for making a portfolio website, but it’s not working. The site isn’t properly responsive, and worst of all, the navigation menu only functions on desktop mode. I’m completely helplessly stuck. Can any tell me what I’m doing wrong?

Hi @Blaaaarg

Thanks for reaching out with your questions. It does get frustrating when you find yourself stuck, but we’re here to help you find the issues and resolve them.

Issue 1: "The site isn’t properly responsive"

Seems there’s a horizontal scroll on mobile. Your form element has a fixed width value which is overflowing outside the section and creating this horizontal scroll.

Solution: set the width of the form on mobile landscape to auto.

You might also want to narrow the paddings of the section on mobile.

Are you experiencing any other issues with responsivity? Please, let me know and I’ll take a look.

Issue 2: "the navigation menu only functions on desktop"

The reason your navigation isn’t functioning as intended is that you’ve forgotten to set the z-index as we point out in the video here:

Solution: select the nav wrapper and set the z-index to 9999.

Please, let me know if this is helpful or if you have any additional questions, I’m happy to help further.

Check out the project we built in the Portfolio course in read -only mode here: