Having trouble with creating a custom portfolio: Part 4

Hello everyone.

I am in the process of learning webflow and trying to build the portfolio website done in this tutorial. Creating a custom portfolio — Designing the client project section (Part 4 of 8). As you can see I am stuck on part 4 of the 8 videos.

The trouble I am currently having is webflow has since updated the interface since the publishing of this video. I am trying to get the portfolio section centered AND also seem to be having trouble making it responsive on the tablet and mobile versions.

As you can see, on the desktop version the “work” images are centered and adjust as the screen gets smaller. For example, when you adjust the screen size the images adjust along with it so no matter the size of the screen the user sees the full picture.

On the tablet and mobile versions, the images do not adjust and shrink in size as the screen gets smaller thus reducing the visibility of the images in full.

Appreciate all the help and advice as to how I can make the “work” images on my portfolio completely responsive.

Here is my site Read-Only: Click Here

Here is my site live site: Click Here