Folders vs Collections - custom portfolio pages


I am trying to work out how to create links between my projects.
I know I can do this if my porjetcs are setup using collections but I would like each project to be more customised then this. Each porject requires quoite a few different sections. The core of each project is the same though, title, background etc so if I have missed something and there is a way to do more to cusomise the pages uniquely then please let me know!

Aisde from this my question is can I setup a next button to just go to the next page within a folder. My folder contains all my projects and at the bottom of each project, I would like a next arrow.

Thanks for any help! :slight_smile:

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Folders vs Collections - related to the case
CMS it’s better for one template for X pages (blog and also portfolio page) and really easy to add/edit/remove items + create pagelist

Folders is a way to organize your site hierarchy (Great for SEO for example)


If you have 6 portfolio pages and 3 of the 6 are little diff you could add a conditional-visibility (Show section X only if statement Y is true/false).

Another option is to create two collection (collection for "uix works " & “after effects works”).
Last is regular pages & duplicate page/items (Option 1 & 2 a lot more dynamic).


About next/prev - only manually for now:

By CMS (create custom field “next link” : and put url inside)

By pages inside folders manually add URL to the button.

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Thanks for the response! all clear :slight_smile:

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