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I wonder if it is possible to make an index of various project headlines in the top of a page and then have all the projects beneath (CMS collections). When the top links are clicked you jump to the headline of that project further down on the page. Moreover, is it possible to make a next and a previous button that will make you jump to the next or previous headline on the page? I am working with a developer who says it’s not possible in Webflow at the moment. Is there any way around this? :slight_smile:

Hi @Louise_Hou,

What you are describing to do in Webflow is not possible, due to the fact that Nested collections are not available at the moment. When nested collections become available, this will be possible.

However, even with custom code, this is not likely. @rileyrichter, @webdev, @mattvaru, do you guys have any thoughts? Your coding knowledge is way more extensive than mine.

You might be able to do this within a collections page, however, if you are trying on a static page this is most likely not going to work.


Thanks for the mention, @QA_Brandon!

Louise — Are you essentially trying to mimic an anchor link on collection pages?

If so, I think this would be possible with some workarounds in the CMS.

Can you check out this project I created for you and see if it’s what you’re looking for?

Read-only: https://preview.webflow.com/preview/louise-cms?utm_medium=preview_link&utm_source=designer&utm_content=louise-cms&preview=bca70124485bd0b14e6e077fb61bdc22&mode=preview

Published: https://louise-cms.webflow.io

As you’ll see, there’s a (crude) set of links at the top (powered by the CMS) that take you to certain projects on the page, also powered by the CMS. Is that what you’re looking to achieve?

If so, I can explain how I did this. Let me know! (Also, welcome to the Community! :confetti_ball:)



Thank you. This community is amazing. I’m impressed. I think that is exactly what I’m trying to do (with a somewhat different layout) I’m just not able to formulate it in the right way :slight_smile: I don’t know if this screenshot makes any sense to you? But it is essentially the same; the links are just bigger and listed. And then I would like to have links in the side where I can jump back and forth btw headlines.

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Cool! So, I’m honestly not super sure how you could make Previous/Next work with this infinite scroll layout - I think it may be possible, I just don’t know how to do that personally. (Most likely a custom code solution - I’ll chew on this.)

But, that said the layout you are wanting to achieve is possible, and you could use pretty much exactly what I did in the louise-cms.webflow.io project to achieve it, making all your headlines up top clickable.

When I’m back home on my desktop (in a few hours), I’ll record a video for you explaining how I set up my project and how you could set this up with yours. Do you have a read-only link, or is this a static mockup in Figma/Sketch/Photoshop? (I can still record the video either way - just curious!)

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Coool, that would be amazing. I did the design in Illustrator and started myself but figured that it would take me way too long on my own and found someone to help me. I am educated graphic designer. I know how I want things. I 'm just not able to do it myself. But I will be the one to update, maintain and develop it when he finish the setup :slight_smile:

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Hey @Louise_Hou

Check out these two videos (would’ve been 1 video, but I forgot something in the first!)

Part 1:

Part 2:

Hope this helps! :smile:

EDIT: You actually don’t need two have two collection lists on the page. I wasn’t thinking when I made the video — this can all be done with just one collection!

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Seriously you just made my day/week/year - THANK YOU, I’ll pass this to the guy that helps me and watch them myself as well. This makes a big difference to me and for my overall design. I was afraid I would have to change the design. If you find a way to do the next and previous, do let me know. Also if I can do anything to return the favor! I LOVE THIS COMMUNITY ALREADY!

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Glad to hear it! The only thing you can do to return the favor is to keep tinkering around in Webflow — the more Webflow Pros we have in this world, the better. :grin:

Let us know if you need anything else!

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Hi Matt @mattvaru,

I have just realized that I will run into another problem I hope you might be able to help me out again. I have a page I call Journal but it is basically a blog. In the top I would like to have different categories of post. When you press a category I would like the post to filter accordingly. My developer has not been able to find a stable solution for that, and says that it might not be possible. I’m quite surprised as I thought that was a quite basic blog feature? Do you know how I would be able to do this? (Fingers crossed)

Best, Louise

Hey @Louise_Hou!

Tell your developer to check out Isotope — it’s a third-party library that can be used to filter items on your page in real-time. There’s even a cloneable project made by @SidneyOttelohe that does exactly what you want. Find it here:

Hope that helps! :smile:

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Seriously - you are the best! Thank you again. I really appreciate. And if you find a solution for the next/previous buttons do let me know. I’ll need them on this page as well :slight_smile:

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This one works too ^^: