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Folders are here!

I have to admit… As a bit of a organisation maniac (maybe OCD?) I love the folders… :smiley:

Finally I can organise my Active Projects, Finished Projects, Sandboxes, and Templates!
4 Folders is all I need with all my projects there :slight_smile:

Who else loved this? :smiley:


Yes so stoked on these, I requested Project organization a long time ago, between the search and folders I am happy now :slight_smile:


But there’s no way to rename folders once they been created…? Or am I missing something? Last time I checked it, yesterday, shortly after it was live, you couldn’t.

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Hi @StevenP

There is :slight_smile:
Open a folder, and then on the pencil in front of the name to edit:


Ah, missed it! Great! :smiley:

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Oh, Nice find! @IggsTP

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Yes, very helpful to keep this lil creative mind organized! :wink:

It’s NOT OCD. It’s CDO. In… Alphabetical Order.
The way it should be.


Just tested out the new folder feature.



dashboard feng shui :webflow_heart:

I really appreciate this additional functionality, but is it just me or does the interface look quite clunky and large?
Dare I say it far less considered than the actual Webfow UI. Drag and drop would be advantageous too for ordering folders in a bespoke… order.

Would like bulk select to move into folders now. Can’t be moving 1000+ projects manually.

A cool addition but we need heavier features ATM.

+1 - Agreed.

Jesus guys…
You barely got something that it’s useful and it’s starting to be improved and y’all already requesting huge improvements to it? :expressionless:

Can’t you all just chill for a bit and enjoy this for now?