Folder Redirects Not Working

Hey y’all, I think I am going crazy. The folder redirect for my CMS collections will not work and I am sure I have tried every way possible. the folder is currently set up like so

I need to redirect it to -

I have added the redirect like so

Is this correct or have I got this wrong? The folder still will not redirect at all. I have cleared cache and tried everything. Am I going mad?

Any help is much appreciated.


Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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Hi Andy,

First, isn’t responding as a valid site, and that domain isn’t even linked to Webflow, so you wouldn’t get a response from it.

Second, the page you’re targeting must exist.
If you are building the site on Webflow, you could probably create that page here as-

  • Folder landlords
  • Contains folder content
  • CMS page blog targeted as being within content as the parent folder