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Floated elements jump/glitch when scrolling in iOS

Is this happening because they have transitions set to All ?

Hi @AntonioBalderas - thanks for bringing this to our attention! I took a peek and saw that Safari iOS was having a rough time with the float settings of the navmenu. removed that and it appears to be working now - appreciate the heads up!

Also, unrelated, but I updated the transition to apply only to the Font Color (much better practice than setting to “all”)

Hello @thewonglv I have the same issue in my tabs section and realize that the tabs are heavily built on floats. Is there a solution for this as well?

Here is the link to the site I am building. Trying to prevent my customer from abandoning Webflow :confused:

Hi @jwtechdev from what it looks like, flexbox may be a better solution for you. Try building your layout in flexbox and let me know if you see an improvement to iOS performance. If not, I’m happy to take a closer look for you!

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