Navigation appears to "jump" when scrolling (ipad and lower)

On ipad and lower viewport (991px) and lower the top navigation on my website appears to jump as I scroll down the page. And it also seems to be affecting the rest of page and sometimes a white band appears to the right.

I’ve checked the CSS as much as I’m able and there doesn’t seem to be a problem.

I even tried website and if you scroll very slowly you will se the top navigation next to the Webflow logo appear to jump very slightly.

Is this a bug with webflow itself then?

You can check my site on ipad mainly although the hamburger menu when open appears to jump on my iphone.

I see it too, also on

Possibly (I haven’t seen your design of course) because you’re using two nav bars?

On sites I’ve built with one nav bar I don’t see this behavior.


I’m only using one navbar on my site.

As if, for just a second, it ‘forgets’ it has some padding or margin around it.

I made a slomo video of the effect and then a screenshot:

maybe this helps in narrowing it down?

Thanks for doing that. I can’t get the bottom of this. I removed the padding and margin and the menu appears to be shooing out to the right hand side before moving into place.

I wonder if it;s something to do with the hamburger element?

I’m not that code savvy which is why I use Webflow of course!

I guess not with the hamburger menu but maybe with some interaction or with floating. I’m not code savvy either, so maybe better wait until someone from the webflow team finds out what’s going on.

Hi @webdesignessex, could you share the read-only link to the site? I am happy to take a look :slight_smile: Thanks in advance!

The site is now longer in a webflow format but you can see the problem on the site live at

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