Float a CMS collection

Hi there

Is it possible to float a CMS Collection if there is a filter active and the collection shows only 1 item.
Or are the collections always 100% width?

I wan’t to float the next collection.

You can style the collection wrapper in any way you like. If you have a universal class for all your collections, then you can just put that particular collection in a div wrapper, or give it a sub-class so you can style it separately.

Unfortunatly in some way its not possible on my site.
I have several collection lists with the same collection in it.
Every collection list has a filter so it shows only specific content from the collection.

Now i wan’t to float all collection list wrappers. This didn’t work for me.

Do you have any ideas?

Its the Team site on this project.

When you say “float” all collection wrappers, could you describe what you want it to look like, or what behaviour you want it to inherit?

I’m happy to take a look.

EDIT: I think I understand what you’re trying to do… so they’re all in a grid next to each other, if so, then this currently isn’t possible natively in Webflow. When you add content, there’s nothing telling the collection list to continue on the next line, then start the new collection list when this one finishes.

Yes thats exactly my wish.
Now for me its clear why this is not possible because it can be that theres only one item on the second/next line. In my case all collections are only max. one line, this is why i thought it could be done.

Thank you for your help.

If you could say for certainty that there would only be 1 in this collection x, and 2 in collection y etc, then you could lay it out no problem, but that defeats the purpose of CMS content.

In this case, if the staff are unlikely to change much, it may be worth using static content, which could then be changed periodically.

Thats an idea. Thank you.

However thats not really the idea of the CMS :slightly_smiling_face:
I don’t now what the Editor of the page will do so i have to check the site sometimes…

Theres another wish in this context. It would be great if i can disable a collection for the editor… But thats another story.

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