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I have a CMS collection of text blocks and want to display them continous text, i.e. text inside each block is wrapped and blocks wrap.
I get them to wrap if two subsequent blocks are both 1-liners and short enough to fit into the same line. (See text blocks 3 and 4 in example).
But how to get one block wrap after the last (short) line of the first block? (See eg. text blocks 1 and 2 in example).
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Yes, you can do that; however because you’re storing your items in discrete CMS records, you’ll have a bit more custom CSS work to do to deal with the wrappers.

Give your Collection List a custom class, like My Collection. Then add this CSS into a Code Embed;

.my-collection .w-dyn-items,
.my-collection .w-dyn-items .w-dyn-item,
.my-collection .w-dyn-items .w-dyn-item p {
	display: inline;

Here’s a demo.

Hi @memetican, do you own . I need a solution that lives here but the site is currently down.

Brilliant! Thanks very much, @memetican!

Yes. whoa, thanks for that- Webflow unpublished my site for some reason. That’s crazy.

@memetican it is back up, Thank you so much

I’ve been trying to load a collection list from another collection template page to nest into a collection list on one page but the embed gets called as many times as I have items in the parent collection list.

This is my code

$(`#1.nested-cl-wrapper`).load(`/brands/slug .splide__track`)

@memetican you are life saver. Got it to work using your method

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