Flip interaction not working in IE

The flip interaction does not seem to work in IE, where the back of the card doesn’t show up. But it does in Chrome. Any advice how to get around this issue?

the website link is below and the flip cards are under the "what’s hot’ section.


Thanks for your help!

Hello dtp-clsa

3D transform is not supported by IE


Ok I see thanks David. Is there no way around it at all?

Seems a little annoying as it is offered by webflow as an interaction/animation tool but not supported across all browsers…

Nope, Microsoft has already dropped <IE11. If visitors don’t upgrade, they don’t get the latest features.

As simple as that.

@samliew thats alienating off a lot of corporate users who have not yet upgraded to the latest version, for whatever reasons.

As far as my research goes,


IE 11 does not support 3d transform. So webflow, any way around this ‘loophole’?

You can put in a script to detect users on a non-modern web browser, and redirect them to a page that excludes all these features and displays correctly.