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Page onload and scroll in view not working on IE 11


I’m working on my site and I found that the page onload and scroll in view works well in all the browser except IE 11. Appreciate if anyone can help on it.

Here is my public share link:

Here is the page link:


Hey @boboyab

Unfotunately, IE11 does not support 3D transforms which you are using inside those interactions. From what I read elsewhere on the forum, a custom script would need to be written that redirects IE traffic to a static page without any interactions on it. Didn’t find an example of such a script though. If you need help with a custom script, let me know and I’ll move this post to the Custom Code category.

Hi @matthewpmunger

Sure. Thanks in advance for the help.

Hi @matthewpmunger

Any update? :grin: