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Flip cards dont work in IE11

I created some flip cards on this page,

I can see that the webflow generated javascript is changing the opacity of the flippped side of the tile to 1 when I inspect the element.

But IE doesnt appear to be respecting this and its draws a blank.

Works perfectly on other browsers.

Any idea of a workaround that would fall back nicely?

Here is my site Read-Only:

Hi @Willem_Reyners_Tay, it might be that the interactions you are using are not supported by IE, which has issues with modern css animations, transitions and flexbox (as an example).

A good place to check what advanced css features are compatible with IE is

For a flip interaction, it may not be possible to render that normally in IE, you might consider adding a little custom code to display some element other than the flip card when a site visitor is using IE 11 or lower.

The animation should work in Edge browser though. Microsoft has stopped supporting IE 11, for this reason, Webflow recommends to clients to upgrade their browsers to get the best experience.

I hope this helps

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