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Flexbox "wrap children" setting not working in Safari 9.1.2

Hi, I am trying to use the “wrap children” setting for a parent div that has a display setting of “flex”. I have set the max width of the children divs to 33.3% to create a 3 column grid. The code seems to be working in every browser except for Safari. I am using the latest version 9.1.2 on Mac.

Here is a link to the page: (Scroll to the section “Prototypes”)

Here is my public share link:

Hi @Michael_Hurley instead of setting a Max-width on those elements, try setting a width of 33.33% for the desktop style on those element and that should resolve the issue. Adjust for the other viewports as is needed.

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Thanks @Waldo I think I tried everything but that… works perfect now.

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