Flexbox Grid Wrapping Incorrectly in Safari

Hey guys,

Here is the page that demonstrates the issue: Photos

In Chrome, I get nice 2 x 2 grid of photos like this:

But for some reason in Safari I get a 1 x 2 x 1 like this:

It’s like the first line is wrapping prematurely or something.

My implementation is the same as demonstrated here:
How to create a fluid layout structure using Flexbox in Webflow

Here’s my Read-Only Link.

Thanks for your help!

Try opening the designer in Safari and building out flexbox there.
I know its a pain but Safari sucks ass with flexbox

Hi @calbar,

Thanks for the good question. As @daniel_cleayweb mentioned, Flexbox styling on Safari can sometimes be a bit tricky.

I have a suggestion, you can tweak and experiment a bit :slight_smile: I hope it helps:

Thanks so much for the in-depth support!

Just curious, do you think the issue was combining the built-in Container with Flexbox, or something else?

It seemed like the bulk of the change was creating a custom container from a Div and moving everything into it.

Anyway, thanks again!

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