How to align 2 different containers?

I am trying to align two different containers exactly so they have the same start and end point.
As you can see from my pictures, the first container is a lot wider meaning the ‘First Name’ and ‘Email Address’ doesn’t line up with the ‘TONIC >>’ logo, and that the ‘subscribe’ box doesn’t line up with ‘get in touch’.
Please could you offer me some help or give suggestions to what may be going wrong? I have already made sure the max width of the container is the same on both!
Thank you!

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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Footer appears to be a true Webflow “container” element, which has a fixed width. The other appears to be a regular div which won’t have a set width.

Need your share link to fully investigate tho

how to share your site Read-Only link

Thank you very much!

It’s on the ‘Tonic Refreshment’ Page. Also please note that the above pictures are on tablet view - it seems to be there with desktop view and I haven’t got round to mobile yet.

Link below:

The section with the form just needs 32px of left/right padding. Your footer element has this so once updated things will align better.

Thank you! Will try this now